Need your best screenshots for a GTA video project

Hello friends,

I’m creating a project in preparation for GTA heists. I need your coolest screenshots of various bad ass behavior in GTA.

You’ll be featured in the upcoming video.



I have quite a few saved up and haven’t gotten around to uploading them xD

yeah i have some too…ill get them asap.

Want them uploaded here?

Where ever is most convenient for you. Post a link or something here.

I just shared a folder with you via Dropbox.

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Got it, thanks!

Do you want screenshots or snapmatic photos?

Either way I guess, but the idea is that they’re going to be on a board like when you do a heist in single player mode and they’re planning it.

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@tommy2118 these are awesome man!

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I need some help in GTA right now if anyone is around. I need someone to take a screenshot of my character in my apartment.

how’s this?


If the idea is for different photos on a board, what actions are you looking for? I could do my character in a boat or a car because “get away driver” was one of the choices in the single player.

I added this one to the folder.

That moment when you reply to yourself…

I’m operating on a higher plain. Sometimes I’m my best counsel. :wink:

smart-assery intensifies


That was Leetspeak.

Yeah that’s basically the idea @Nubhugs. A lot of different shots of Strats members doing what they do. Think of it like the FBI having a bunch of stuff on Strats & Crew. Found photos, candid shots, news articles, and they’re putting it up on a wall.

Well if someone that hasn’t submitted a photo would like to do a duo vehicle shot to get their character on the board I’d be happy to share a photo with them. Any takers?