Needing an overlay


Hey y’all, I’m needing an overlay for two games. League and Dragon Nest. If you could offer any help, that would be amazing! Thank you!


Oh my. Surprised anyone in Stats is actually playing Dragon Nest. I also used to play it but it was a grind fest and I had no one to play with to keep it enjoyable xP but I sure hope you get the overlay you are looking for =)


Not much of an artist but what are you looking for?

What streaming client do you use?

League typical is floating around bottom or right side.

I have no clue what the UI for Dragons nest looks like, may want to post a pic of your setup so whoever assists knows a bit more as well.


I would stop by this post: Graphic Design Work [closed] [read first] @W1thl0v3 does some amazing work. You can check some of it out in her thread.


Sorry for the late reply! Yeah, just a basic league layout is nice and there is a link to what DN looks like! Thank you so much!