Nether Portal problem

My nether portal connected on to Ghosthogs for some reason. When I come back in to the normal world it puts me in to his base instead of mine which puts me behind a locked iron door. Is there a workaround for this?

Because the Nether is smaller than the overworld, it’s possible to come have several portals in the overworld connect to a single portal in the Nether. IIRC, the first overworld portal that connects to a portal in the Nether will be the exit by default. The only fix is to move your overworld portal far enough away that it no longer links to the Nether portal Ghosthog’s does, which could require a relocation of up to several hundred blocks, depending.

I’m already quite a ways away from his, my biggest complaint would be coming back in behind a locked iron door.

You fell into my trap…muahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:
Pressure plate on inside doesn’t open door for you?

no you have it claimed, Droul was on and told me about the /trapped command though. I’m wondering if it would be possible to set it up so the main portal is in a community are and then we just enter in our own personal portals.

Yea, I’ll see about moving it later so it’s open. Iirc, portals need to be over 1000 apart in order to not connect.

Mine should be further than that, I’ll have to double check though.

I moved it on top of my house. Built a room around it so no more zombie pigmen go wandering around but should be open to anyone with just a wood door on it.

thanks, I’ll still double check mine and see if it’s too close.

Not without a mod or plugin, unfortunately (I’m not even 100% something like this exists, but I’ll look into it). We could, as an alternative, just make one in the city when we build it so everyone enters/exits through a central portal.

Having it drop you by a region post would be nice. If everybody disabled theirs while you established a conveniently located primary portal would that work?

Or we could deal with it later as it’s not really that important.

Also if you are trapped can you not type /trap to be moved to a different location?

It’d possibly work if everyone lived close enough; we can try it from the Care Region possibly