Never did I ever expect this


A Texas Republican State Representative filed a 24-page to completely deregulate marijuana while quoting scripture and claiming:

You lot enjoy the read; I’m going to go have an existential crisis.


Don’t worry, you still have loads of lunatics in state government.


Thanks Biggles, I needed that :wink:


If it helps tomorrow I can dig up some articles of Texas politicians saying and doing idiotic things.


I’m actually not surprised at all, because marijuana legalization has been particularly popular in Texas.


I think they are going legalize it everywhere. Starts that have legalized it are making really good money off it and everyone else wants in. It’s funny though because it’s still illegal in a federal level, so a federal cop (could) arrest you for it.


As an atheist i think its best to keep my opinion to my self as to not offend anyone. As a liberal who happens to live in Texas I am happy to see that the fruitless and ridiculous war on drugs is starting to perhaps focus on the more dangerous substances out there. I only hope that with the deregulation and decriminalization of marijuana that all those doing time for pot charges are released and the charge stricken from their records. Many lives are destroyed because of a felony marijuana charge which is the possession of between 4oz and 5lb, but it takes three DWIs before it becomes a felony.


The crazy bit is that the bill is calling for deregulation, not taxing or regulating it in any capacity; were it to pass as is (which I can’t imagine will ever happen) you could grow however much of whatever strain you want and sell/give it away as you see fit.

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I’m still wading through all the supid shit Ted Cruz has said, haven’t had time to move on to other Texas politicians.


Well that is a bad move. I think they should handle it like alcohol and make money. No brainer.


You don’t tell Texas what’s good for it if you know what’s good for you :wink:


It’s all about money and public opinion as has been stated.

Colorado pulled in something like 700 million dollars with the change to their laws, they also pulled in a ton of support on nearly every political front.

Before i say this next part, I wanna make it clear…I don’t have a side.

The republican party is hurting, they are viewed by a good majority of this nation as backwards, racist, big business, bigots that want to inject their religion straight into the minds of every human on earth.

Backing something like “Free the Weed” would do nothing but help their cause, that or put the final nail into it as every current republican that likes all the things that the party stands for now sees them as some wishy-washy platform.

Either way, will be nice to see California “Leader of Innovation and free thinking” pick this up after 20 other stats already have. Yay California…


Not until the let you know it’s known to cause cancer in the state first :wink: