Never have I been more disappointed in gaming

Than when I experienced the same jumping ability on the Moon as on Earth.


My exact thought when I went to the moon…fuck logic

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If I remember correctly when The Traveler terraformed the moon and the planets the gravity was equalized along with life sustaining capabilities.

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Story tells you why, but still so disappointing…

There’s a story in Destiny? :open_mouth:


AKA: Implementing and balancing another set of physics attributes was taking too much time so it was cut to make a release deadline. Just work it into the story.

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WildStar let’s you jump higher on their moon :wink:


i would prefer gravity as a gameplay mechanic. Imagine areas without gravity stabilizers! Much fun such wow

Remember the gravity gun in Half Life 2?

CS low-grav scouts and knives

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It’s weird, in most games I wouldnt even notice/expect it, but I was definitely expecting lower gravity on the Moon. Oh well :confused:

Maybe it’s because all the physics around that double jump boost and especially on the bikes feel so cool. I just expected to get to the moon and be jumping really far.