Neverwinter Online for Xbox One

Neverwinter Online will be releasing for Xbox One soon. For those who may not know this is a Free To Play MMO based off Dungeons and Dragons.

They will be having a beta for Xbox One from Febuary 5th-8th and they plan on releasing the game early into 2015. You can sign up for the beta

Interesting enough I played this game when it first released on PC. One of my first thoughts was “Wow, this game would be great on console” and I am excited it is coming to Xbox One and will be playing a bunch.

If anyone is going to be playing this game let me know and add me on Xbox Live (Huntersknoll610) We could run some dungeon and do PvP, it will be a good time. If you are unsure if you will like it just remember it is free so why not try it out.

I signed up. Not sure it will be my thing, but I’ll have access to the Beta just in case.

I’m not sure the consoles are ready for the level of microtransactions that are present in Neverwinter.

When Neverwinter released I had hoped they would enable gamepads. Champions Online, which uses the same engine, has gamepads enabled but Neverwinter never put the checkbox on the options screen as far as I know. I think you can tweak a few ini files or something and get them working, though, but they are not supported.

I think the game will transition to consoles well with its targeting system.

Do you know if the console version will include “The Foundry”?
Hands down one of my favorite things about the game in it’s current state.

(For those who don’t know, the foundry allows players to create quests and campaigns and publish to be played by other players.)

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I could not find much info on it but I hope so. Will know for sure once beta hits.