New and Classic styles comes to MGSV:TPP



New and Classic styles comes to MGSV:TPP with the latest in fashionable character skins. Look fantastic out in the field today by picking them up on the PlayStation or XBOX stores Get them individually or in the Costume & Tack Pack bundle.

The female skins are for your women Diamond Dog combat playable characters in the field. I believe this is because you have no choice but to lose Quiet during the storyline of the single player campaign.

EDIT: I think I’m the only one still playing MGSV :smile:


you’re not the only one still playing it. I still need to finish it. i wish these skins were free, i refuse to pay $ for cosmetics.


Why… is there so much boob? I mean I am not against the occasional cleavage costume but… Does that female not know how to work buttons or zippers or what? That is just a tad unreasonable :stuck_out_tongue:


I will admit that there is a “weak” reason as to why there is a lot of boob reveal but there is a reason nonetheless…>_>

Also there is actually a good female costume that I obtained that shows no boobs whatsoever and I immediately made her wear it.


Two words: Japan.


God bless Japan.


I still love the “justification” they came up with for Quiet. “No, see, it’s a plot point that she’s mostly naked, because reasons!”


I can argue that. In MGS 3 there was cleavage but she actually wore clothing as well. Not to mention she talked and showed personality.

Naomi in MGS 4 also wore clothing and showed some spunk.

Really the only one i know of that showed WAY to much skin is in fact Quiet.


The humanity! Let’s boycott vidiagames!


You first; lead from the front :wink:


god bless the boob


Even better is that said reasons gives her a reason to constantly shower…


because she is secretly a porn star?


Well its funny but she does “strut” her stuff when you have 100% trust with her; at which this point its confirmed she has some sort of romantic attachment to Big Boss. Again this can be solved later though when you can give her decent clothing.



SPOILER TAGS!!! :crying_cat_face: