New Animated "Yesterday" Trailer for the Division



Cool new trailer for The Division! Think they made it with the SnowDrop engine?

Also you can now download the Open Beta!! Well they at least claim you should be able to…


This game is just too far out. I’m at the point that I am dreaming about it at night.

Nice visuals, maybe Patch 2.0 will upgrade the game to this level :smile:


Is it not downloading for people due to the high download demand and its turning into a ddos?


I can’t answer that question.I merely saw a post or two about it on reddit (my primary news source). I cannot verify whether there are issues as I am at work.


Thanks I’ll check right now since I’m at home and my daughters asleep lol.


Running fine for me on pc 1.23gb update to the CBT download and it’s almost done.


consoles auto-updated for me and PC didnt update until I launched Uplay yesterday.


I felt like this trailer should have been trying to sell me prescription medicine. The way the characters just looked right into the camera and spoke while the world went on behind them.


That was amazing.


I agree the video was great but all the people talking into the camera was ridiculous and seemed out of place