New Badge: Greetings



You’ll now automatically receive a badge if/when you’ve posted an introduction called Greetings.

It will take a while to propagate through the intros that have already been posted but note that there’s no need to post again if you’ve already done so. If you haven’t, but you’re a long-time member, you might be interested in posting one up!


Have you ever thought about giving badges to people who greet people in introductions? Obviously not every time they answer, but what about every fifty or hundred.


That’s a good idea. It could be done.


Don’t you have enough badges? :stuck_out_tongue:


One can never have enough badges. Not that I’ve gone and looked for the ones I could easily collect. Nope, not me.


That definitely not why I have like 29…


Better question…

can vocino make a place for us to display our badgers?

Kinda like PShome or something.



the A game, you have it