New Battle Beaver Customs PS4 Controller With Smart Triggers!



I just got my new controller in the mail and I thought I would share.

I bought the controller from [Battle Beaver Customs][1] [1]: and I decided to use their builder to customize it further (although I decided to not add any cosmetic changes to save money). My main reason for wanting this controller is the unique “Smart Triggers”. The smart triggers are not actually triggers, but instead they are buttons. I really wanted this feature to reduce any lag when pulling the trigger in any FPS, and it feels GREAT. I have yet to play a game with them but I will update on if I really think it was worth the
$180 I spent on it.

Nothing special on the front, but I put my Kontrol Freeks on it, I can’t game without them.

There are two programmable buttons on the back and they are in the perfect location. My only beef is that they are kind of a loud click.


These controllers look awesome

So this makes the triggers binary? There are times when I need that gradient.


Correct, either on or off. 1 or 0. I have the original controller if I want to use them for say a racing game that uses the gradient trigger pull.


That looks awesome.


Bought one of these too to compare with the Scuf. :slight_smile:


Lol! Awesome! Did you get the smart triggers?


Yes sir I did!!

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Oh man, you’re going to love them. The only games I see my self not wanting the smart triggers is racing games and I don’t play that many anymore.


I’m necromancing this thread because I’m considering a Battle Beaver controller. What are your thoughts now more than a year later?


Love the ones i have…wouldnt use anything else!


I love my battle beaver. I recommend it over scuf any day of the week. Better customer support, cheaper, and buttons on the back are better than the paddles. The only downside I would say is the tactical click it makes. That doesn’t matter to me, I have a headset on and can’t really hear it but if I’m playing in the room with my wife…she can’t stand it. The only other controller I would recommend is the Nacon Revelation. This is the only controller I have been using lately and the back buttons are amazing. It is a wired controller however and I know you have a little one, so I’m not sure if that is something you would want haha.


I’ve been seriously considering this but I don’t like that they’ve Xbox-ized the left thumbstick.


I prefer it. Feel more natural for me.