New branding coming soon


What’s up guys? As some of you know, myself and @therubymug have been hard at work coding up a publishing platform for games and gamers called strats. In the coming weeks I will be posting more information about this project and asking for feedback on different elements.

Everyone here is key part of this initiative and we really want this thing to grow with your support.

In terms of brand, things are still evolving but here’s what we’re looking at thus far in terms of style and color:

Soon, you’ll be able to reserve your username on the homepage of If you’re a member of this forum, don’t worry because your username will automatically sync and you will be recognized as a founding member of the platform.

Here’s what the card will look like for the ad that will run on Twitter and Facebook:

Website Design


Looks good :wink:


I like the new looks !!


I smell awesome


I like the artwork and logo. Keep us posted, I’m excited to see how this turns out!!!


Needs more hentai boobs I only count like 7


Sounds like a good member contest.




Looks so much better man excellent job


Looks great, however as a relatively new user here, I obviously wasn’t aware of any changes. Curious as to what you mean by new branding, and what you mean by coding a publishing platform. Are you simply referring to a revamped website?

Either way I’m excited to see what’s coming up.


Sorry for the cryptic post. I understand it might be hard to follow if you haven’t been part of the discussion on mumble. I will make a post soon with a lot of more information about everything.


No problem at all. I look forward to hearing more about this :slight_smile:


Wait wait wait… It’s going to be advertised?


Yes, we will be running a pre-launch campaign about early beta sign ups.


That’s going to be sweet dude. Can’t wait to see it.


@Vocino’s campaign is driving around his chariot of segways with a banner strung between them :wink:


@vocino is the Tony Stark of internet/gaming. When he runs an ad campaign it looks something like this:

@vocino says “Jarvis, flood Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Twitch with the new Strats message”

Jarvis responds “Sir, much capital will be required for that kind of marketing campaign, you are already in hot water with the board of directors”

@Vocino replies “Jarvis, I’m a wealthy internet philanthropist and a /UI genius, run the ads and fire up my secret copy of prerelease Destiny while you are at it.”


HAH! My only regret is that I have but one :heart: to give your post.


Don’t worry, I added one for you :wink: