New Category: Retro


I was talking with @auth and @tommy2118 about starting a retro gaming category, but there’s no clear definition of retro games. My usual measurement is that if it’s 2 console generations back, it’s retro considering the average time between consoles for major companies is 7 years. This would put retro gaming (for consoles, at least) at PS2 games and earlier. For PC, it would be pre-2005 releases.

What does everyone think about starting a new category? If it’s a good idea, how about the cut-off point? Nintendo handhelds may not quite fit in that definition since they tend to make only minor changes to their systems rather than release a completely new set of hardware. The DS, for example, was released in 2004 but many versions were released afterwards.


I’m impartial to a category myself. I don’t mind having various categories, but how much retro gaming takes place in the Strats community?

However, I will comment on the dates, particularly the proposed PC date. 2005 seems way too recent for retro. That would almost place Team Fortress 2 into the category (2007) and Wowcraft would actually make the cut (2004), as well as Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.


When I first started truly collecting, the Nintendo 64 was the current system. At that time, retro was the NES, and that was released around 12 years earlier. I think many people don’t view games that are a decade old to be retro because of the gamer’s age and the perceived amount of time being shorter for that 10 year period compared to the 10 years prior to that.

I don’t know how much retro gaming takes place on the forums, but it seems that any time I bring up something retro-related there’s an accompanying discussion. I’d stick to posting the retro gaming stuff on NintendoAge, but that forum has started going the way of DigitalPress in its snarkiness and holier than thou attitude.


In relation to your N64 vs NES, another thing to consider is how popular were “consoles” before the NES? Atari was neat and all but I was one of the few of my friends, probably even my school that I know of (at least around my age) that even had an Atari 2600. Console gaming really became mainstream with the NES and Sega Genesis. So for those N64 people, the only retro console they new was the NES.

Maybe it’s an age thing. When I think “retro” I think SNES or earlier, probably. Maybe the N64. So ~20 years.


Whenever I think of retro, I’m thinking of Genesis and SNES era. That being said, I’m 24 y/o, so maybe it has to do with it being my childhood, but whenever I think of N64, retro just doesn’t come to mind.

Commenting on the category itself, I think we could have one, but all I see on here is new games being played except for OCCASIONALLY the retro stream for Strats birthday for instance. Can’t say I’ve seen any mention of retro games since I joined other that this week really.


Retro is hard, because when I was playing N64, I’d still have considered both SNES and NES retro. Basically, if it’s not current or next-gen, it’s retro in my book.

I like the idea, but I think the consensus around what is and is not retro is going to be very diverse among users.

For me, personally, I even consider the PS3 retro at this point as it relates to age, but the only games I ACTUALLY consider retro in terms of style is anything that’s 16-bit or lower, because that’s what I grew up with.

This is the same application to music: when do we consider the music we used to listen to growing up as “oldies?” Some people consider it more a style rather than an actual time period.