"New" Channel setting on twitch -- Gaming Talk Show


I know the podcast has been talked about with a tad more fervor, the “new” stream category is relatively empty and would really present some possibilities for promotion if you jump on something relatively soon, within a month or so.


I think we should focus more on this than the podcast idea. Even though they are really similar in concept, this twitch based format will promote the streams of the individual members as well as the strats site overall.


I think that would be awesome. It would be cool to hear some ideas from around, all I can think og currently is something along the lines of a modular lets play with a basis in the strats communities (MC, Destiny, GTA). Like the host playing one of those games, shooting the breeze with people on various topics.


I’m actually picturing something like “dropped frames” if you’ve ever seen that on twitch. It’s just 4 guys on Skype doing a podcast format. 3 of them are regulars and they rotate out a guest for the 4th. It’s literally a talk show. They are pretty simple yet pretty well produced. They switch scenes in OBS to allow for playing videos in a small window of a new game they’re talking about or whatever. It’s usually hosted on ItmeJP and the other regulars are Cohhcarnage and Ezekiel.

Ours doesn’t have to be exactly that format but we can host it on the stratsco twitch channel.


here’s an example of what i was talking about in the last post:


I think this idea is totally cool and I would be interested in either guest starring or doing what I can to help get this idea off the ground


When the podcast was first mentioned, I had imagined using this category on Twitch. I agree with @GuardianX and @dontcallmejames, Strats should focus more of its podcast efforts into doing something through this. It’s more relevant, easier to promote, and a good way to gain viewers. It’s visual and it gets our streamers faces out there.

A lot of people like to put on streams when they do background things, talk shows make great background noise. With high viewer counts it’s usually in the top 20 categories in browse and the category itself does not have many channels in it so the Strats show would easily be found. The only problem is, once it goes off live unless you search for the channel it’s going to be hard to just “stumble across”.

Besides, if we are pushing so hard for the Strats Streamers, why not include the Strats talk show on Twitch too, making it a more complete package?


i was also thinking of names in between snoozes on my alarm this morning (the best time to get some creativity btw). Best thing i came up with (or remember) is Strats Chats. I’m not sure how i feel about it, but it’s a start of the brainstorming.


Strats Chats… oh baby. It just rolls off the tongue. In fact it slipped out so smooth I got a “What?” from my co-worker.


I like this a lot. It’d be something awesome to do and be a part of.


I’ve done something similar on Twitch myself:

It’s super easy to do, and if you record locally with audacity you could get both a podcast AND a video format. Don’t mind the random interruptions in my video – I had a lot of real life stuff going on at the time.


Another good reason and point Peter brings up, that I forgot to make. Someone could also just record the audio while doing this, pumping out a twofer (oh man do i love twofers)

Also, right there on the screen, all the social links. Someone could say “hey I like this Peter guy, while i’m on twitch i’m going to go like his channel so I can go see more of him” And who freakin’ wouldn’t? I know I would :sadgumball:


B’awwww. Aren’t you just a peach? Thanks. :3


I love this idea.


I love the Strats Chats haha! Kudos to @dontcallmejames

I believe this is similar to what @tommy2118 had in mind. He wants to do a multi-camera thing with a live Twitch stream that gets recorded locally for further podcast-style distribution.

The only thing I want to keep in mind is that we want to get content out rather than plan on making it perfect. I’d like to see us get something in the can, learn from it, iterate on it, and move forward.


thanks @vocino!

I agree, we should do something soon, as rough as it may be. We can work out the production value as we go.


I only wish I could be half as productive between snooze cycles as @dontcallmejames is. Literally my only thought is “pls no, not already. I just can’t today”. Imagine the shower ideas this man comes up with. Mother of god.

In regards to Strats media entertainment, I’ve seen a lot of ideas float around of discussion content. Has this been narrowed down any @tommy2118, @Auth?


don’t oversell me…there’s a lot of alarm clock rage thrown around too. not to derail the thread, but when i was younger i read somewhere that you can really tap into some creative sense when you’re half asleep. it might have been someone like Rob Zombie or Trent Reznor who said they sleep with a little journal next to their bed and that more than half their ideas come to them when they wake up suddenly from a dream or just before falling asleep. it makes sense to me that sleeping/dreaming definitely taps into parts of the brain that aren’t used during awake time. wow, ok that got weird. back to Strats Chats Chat…


Great ideas all around! We do have plans on taking Stratscast to a live platform. It will be the 3rd revision under the current roadmap. We want to start with an audio only podcast style first, then convert to video and finally live.

@vocino is on point, we want to be able to reliably kick this thing out on a regular basis and then adding layers of difficulty.

Another consideration is, we want to maintain our audiance through each revision ( no need to start over each time). You need to be in a certain mindset to do an audio only show. You have to paint pictures with words, express your emotions and energy verbally and think about the fact that your audiance must get your message using only their ears. The lessons we will learn along the way will ensure that when we get to the 3rd revision we are not only rocking an awesome live cast , but we will be able to package it up and distribute a quality product to our audio only fans also.


That’s a great point regarding audio @tommy2118. I hadn’t thought of that but you’re absolutely right. There is something to be said for setting that foundation.

For everyone, it’s very easy to think of all the cool stuff we could do and brainstorm ad infinitum. Those ideas should be catalogued and documented for sure, but here’s a possibly even more difficult question to answer:

What does the minimum viable Strats talk show look like?