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Hello, I’m Joey and im 19. Just graduated high school last year and I love to play games, console and pc. I enjoy sports also, big basketball fan. I play Destiny, GTA V, sport games, etc. on the PS4 and on pc I play World of Warcraft, League of Legends, etc. I’m pretty chill and just like to have fun with cool people that are helpful too. I just cleared VoG in Destiny on NM once, so I would like to make progress to do it on HM and move towards Crota. I’m sure Strats is very helpful and could maybe help me out and give me some Destiny pointers. I heard about Strats from my friend @DrizztDo_Urden69 and decided to check it out. I hope to play with clan members in game! (PSN - Jeter1015)


Welcome to the Dark side brother. I know alot of the guys will be glad to help ya out.


Hi Joey welcome to Strats! We have plenty of active Destiny members that would love to have you as part of the team. We try to hold weekly GTA V events as well so be on the look out for those. You’ll always find someone looking to get into something with you!


welcome! What server and faction in WoW?


Welcome, Joey I hope you find a home with us. What type of games do you like?


Darkspear, Alliance


Thank you. Pretty much all types, sport games, shooters, mmo’s.


Welcome Joey :smiley: come play League some time


Hiiiii, Joey! (@Jeter1015)

Welcome to the Strats Community. :smile:


Good to see a new face. Welcome, Jeter. Hopefully you find what you’re looking for here; this crew is definitely one of the best I’ve been a part of.


Welcome! c:


Hey… I am new here to… congratz on graduating… not sure we will ever play together as I kind of don’t measure up on shooters… I have this thing about getting other killed… it kind of makes people not want to invite me to a shooter game… go figure… but you never know.


welcome to Strats! glad to have ya!


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haha, i didn’t even notice the dates on the original post. i saw JR’s response come up an updated thread and just assumed it was a new recruit.