New Destiny events and bounties happening right now!



Came across this on Reddit -

Appears the queens wrath bounties are back, and they sound awesome. I’m sooooo upset I’m at work right now.

“Petra Venj is in the tower and she has 6 new bounties. You get to use the Scorch Cannon! These bountys have you go to a location and fight 4-5 waves of enemies. Once completed you will have 1 minute to find a hidden chest. EDIT: Someone just got a Treasure Key from the ether chest. Don’t know what it does…”


Good thing I have some time to kill before the showing of Mad Max tonight!

About to go to town on this game!


Ugh, damn you! Mad Max and you get to play Destiny. I’m stuck at work, and have plans for most of the evening before I can get online.


I mean, I’m also 7 hours ahead of you haha


That’s true. Get back home to a regular timezone!


I barely understand what any of that means, but I’m excited to get home and try them out. I hope I’m a high enough level!


Starting to hate work… go to college they said… be a professional and make lots of money they said. However, at the end of the day all i can think of and want to do is go home and play some video games! @BarryBillericay if your not high enough lvl you will be by the end of the night! I’ll help you power lvl need to get you up to speed for next week!


Mad Max was great btw :smiley:

Hi! I'm WantedDOA85

Ughhhh, I want to play soo bad. New job=no time :frowning:


Glad to hear. Hope I can find time in the next week or so to see it.