New Destiny Matchmaking Website

A new site for finding Destiny groups launched today and it’s awesome!

It’s a little unique compared to traditional LFG sites (i.e. Basically you fill out a questionnaire and it’ll match you with 100 other guardians based on those variables. Questions include:

  • Usual play time
  • Guardian level
  • Age
  • Mic/No Mic
  • Platform

Then from here this will essentially be your “crew”. There’s a live chat within the group page and a feature to form and schedule raids (and inside those is a separate group chat for that group). It seems really promising, and a potential avenue for recruiting as well.

Myself and @Joey_coz have joined and were placed in “Charlie Company 607”:

Obviously, it is still best to run raids with Strats people but real life makes it hard to time things so this definitely helps.

Yeah I’m really afraid this is going to seriously take away from that honestly. I hope that people prioritize getting together with us rather than just picking up randoms using sites like this. :frowning:

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I wonder if we could recruit using this…

One of the reasons I was attracted to Strats was that I dislike forced matchmaking. I would much rather post in the LFG category and build my team with the folks here, people that I have a relationship with.


Good find, I checked it out. Given the weak XB1 showing on Strats, this will be a nice compliment for raid groups on that platform.