New Destiny weapons?



I haven’t been keeping up with Destiny that closely but I came across this gallery of weapons on imgur and they look really awesome.
Just wondering if anyone knows how to get them, and I’m particularly interested in the “Sidearm” I didn’t realize sidearms were available in Destiny


It looks like they might be coming in the new expansion, The Taken King?

I’m not very knowledgeable about the game, so I dont know if sidearms are new or not, but you get one, Vestian Dynasty, from a quest in House of Wolves.


Sidearms are new, dropped in the House of Wolves. I think there’s only two in the game right now, the common Vestian Dynasty and one other I don’t remember anything about. The images you’ve presented above are from the Taken King, due out Sept 15th or 16th.


You guys beat he to it. Looks like they are continuing it with the new DLC.


See the tiny symbol at the upper right corner of the thumbnail? That weird Hive-looking glyph means it’s a gun from The Taken King.

The Dark Below gear (weapons and armor) have a roman numeral I on the upper right, House of Wolves gear have a roman numeral II.