New Feature: Pledges



The most recent patch introduced a new feature involving the undaunted, Pledges.
Zenimax did a write up on it yesterday on their website which you can find here.

At level 45 you will be contacted by the Undaunted via in game mail. You will be asked to meet them at one of their new “Enclaves” located near the Capital cities.

At these Enclaves you can make a Pledge to take on a certain challenge.
These challenges are like a daily quest requiring you to complete a specific dungeon and will offer optional objectives as well.

The quality of your performance in completing the dungeon will result in a Bronze, Silver, or Gold key.
These keys open up a chest of corresponding quality, giving special rewards.


But, can you get a group pledge? It would give everyone a reason to do the same dungeon, although you can do them together regardless.


The way it seems in Zeni’s description is that you can choose one. So I would think your group could all choose the same one.


Man, I really want to get up to 45 so I can start doing these pledges. There are some really good gear sets available from doing them.


I got one of these mail items but wasn’t sure what it was. Sounds pretty cool.


yeah, I came across this article and it shows in detail the sets you can get from it.


Are these items bound or can you buy/sell them in a guild store? It would be tough to get a matching set.


Well, I found this post on the ESO Forums which suggests that they cannot be traded.