New GM for AA

@Wheatums will be stepping down from GM due to real life issues (school, work etc). He was a wonderful guild master and shall be missed /tears. We need a new gm as soon as possible. Post your intent here and we can make a choice as a group on who will be the next person to lead us in AA.

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Hello my fellow adventures. I am willing to take on this role. Because I have come to know and care about all of you and this guild. I know I may not be the most qualified for this position, but I am willing to work my butt off make this guild what it should be, And what we all want it to be.


I will consider it. I’m not sure I’ll have a ton more time to put into Archage, and I may even have to pull back a little bit at times. But I would be fine with doing the organizational things we need to do to move us forward.
I would also second Zymora would be a good choice as well for a greater leadership role.


Thank Glock… you Would be a great choice as well, I would be happy with a Co-leadership with you if you are willing.

I would prefer that. I really don’t have the time to lead this, but I am fine with helping or sharing duties.

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ill sign up for the leader position even though i havent been here for very long :slight_smile: