New Guy from NJ


Hi all! my name is Warlock_Teltha (Allan) and I am a 37yo from NJ, USA. I have been playing games since my dad let me use it old ATARI. MY first system was the NES and it took off from there. Now I mainly play games on my PC like WOW, Overwatch, ARK, and some random other games that strike my fancy. I stream on Twitch and YouTube ATM with OBS.

Hope to meet some like minded people that hate the drama crap of the internet :slight_smile:

BattleNet ID: Shiv#1397


Welcome to strats :slight_smile:


Welcome to the site. May I ask how did you find us?

I’m sitting on your Twitch channel now. What times do you usually stream? And the panel images are pretty clever.


I have been streaming around 9:00 or 10:00pm EST till sometimes 2 or 3am EST. Getting on depends on the time I get home from work. I am trying to get a set schedule so I can have a consistent start time. I probably stream about 4 times a week give or take. In fact I’ll be on shortly tonight.


Oh sorry I found the site from a member. I was going through different twitch channels and came across the banner.


Well that’s nifty. Glad someone is representing!


Welcome to Strats!


Thank you guys :slight_smile:




Hello how are you?


Welcome to Strats! What your Battlenet tag?


Welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


BattleNet is Shiv#1397


Welcome to the Strats family! Followed you on Twitch hopefully I’ll be able to catch a stream!


Welcome to Strats! There should be some cold beer in the fridge…


Welcome to the team!!


welcome to strats! where in NJ are you? I’m about your age (a little older - 40) and i’m in the Hunterdon County Area, but i’ve lived all over in NJ.


Welcome aboard! Glad to have you join us :slight_smile:


I am in Burlington County, for two years I lived in Bergen County in Westwood.


Ahh cool. I used to live up in Bergen, Ridgefield Park to be exact. I still work up in Hackensack. And I do a lot of work in Westwood. Built Westvale Park on the landfill off Harrington Road. Was actually just in Westwood this morning on way to a golf outing.