New guy from Texas


Hey all I’m a soon to be college student in Texas and I found this community when someone linked in the /r/overwatch discord, so I figured I check it out. I’ve been look for a good multi-game community to join online for a while.

I like to play Lol, Overwatch, sometimes Dota and misc other steam games.

I’ll probably be hanging out on the discord and mumble tonight before OnlyWatch comes again :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @MakeShiftTech235, welcome to Strats! Definitely join us in Discord…


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Always nice to see more Texans around here. I’m going to be playing Overwatch almost the entire day, so hit me up on BNet (Auth#1692) if you want to get some games in today. Also, let us know if you have any questions or run in to any issues :wink:


Welcome to the party! If we’ve restocked, the :tropical_drink:& :cake: is over there!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the crew!




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