New HD web cam for me


So i have never had a web cam and realized that if i wanted to do a video opening of my loot crate’s i would need one…heres what i chose.

Drouls Web Cam

Any thoughts or opinions?


Same cam I use :wink:


Same here. Though it’s never on… I have a face made for radio or braille


can never go wrong with Logitech.


I’m looking forward to that Loot Crate unboxing!


Did i mention i got 10% off my loot crate by using the coupon strats at check out?


I too have a Logitech camera. Represent Represent.


So I just got the C920 webcam myself, thanks to @tommy2118’s suggestion. was actually cheaper at best buy then amazon.


also got my c920 at bestbuy. even if it was cheaper on amazon, best buy would price match it.




So i just picked up a mini tri-pod and 10ft usb ext cable so it will be easier to video my crates.


New Mic i bought today to do my streaming with.

Drouls Mic


Interesting. I’ve never seen that one.


It’s basically a @Vocino mic on a stand from what I can tell (the top bit looks identical) :wink:


Yeah it looks very close. I guess if you don’t have another mic that’s a good option.


I believe it’s the same company; I think they just redid the casing slightly, slapped the same innards into it, and put it on a mount to sell as a separate product to those that want a stand.


Yes it is the same brand…thats why i chose it…its the little ones big brother on a stand :smile:


I plan on investing in this mic aswell


I have this one from Amazon and it’s pretty wonderful. It’s be even more wonderful if I had decent lighting. Also a legitech!


I have this guy, and it’s the main one I use, since I do not have a studio area and my Samson carotid would pick up the neighbors smoking weed in the back yard if I used it right now. (Edit: link to mic )