New Headset for me

So after having my Sony Gold headset break one of the foldable ear pieces and the new set i got to replace them already showing cracks in the same spot i am trying something new.

I know Turtle Beach is quality product but i would like to know if anyone else uses them or have an opinion? :smile:

Turtle Beach puts out quality for sure.

Also FYI, they’re cheaper on Amazon.

I use some Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro’s with a V-Moda mic addon. Works wonderfully, granted the headphones are probably a bit more than the average person will want to put money towards.

You can always get the Hyper X Cloud v2 Headset which is probably the best headset in terms of price and functionality.

u can also go with a pair of headphones and a modmic. They should have setups for consoles, but that’s something ull have to research.

I’m looking to purchase a set of Sennheiser headphones in the future which I’ve heard we’re awesome. Also Astro makes one BA headset too.

I don’t use a headset, only headphones when I need them(I stream without headphones usually) but I figure maybe my input might help a little :wink:

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Sennheisers are pretty good. I use their HD 518, which is their cheapest entry level audiophile headphone. They so comfortable

they also have headsets, but they are pretty expensive.