New here and looking for Destiny players on PS4

Hello. How’s everyone doing? My name is Kevin and I just joined. I read the description of this site and fell in love with the idea immediatly. I am mainly looking for Destiny players on PS4 for some “escorts” to help me lvl up. All my friends have xbox and it would be much easier to advance with some high ranking friends. I am lvl 24 so I am not brand new. If anyone is a consistent player and doesn’t mind me tagging along, please hit me up. I am very exited to be a part of this site. Thanks for reading.

Hi Kevin welcome to Strats! We have plenty of Destiny players on the PS4 side and they are always getting into something. Poke around the posts and join in on the fun!

Welcome @kcase! We have a thriving Destiny Clan on both XB1 and PS4. I hope if you have some time between killing the Hive and hunting for that raid armor that you join us for the GTA V Launch.

Welcome! Be sure to check out PS4 name swap for a list of everyone playing. We have a ton of members and looking to grow. Poke around on the forums for a bit, there is some great stuff here. :smile:

I play often grinding rep and marks and such
Friend me if you would like
spredhed = psn

Hey, welcome, friend me on ps4. PSN=jbarron49, and feel free to join in anytime.

Be sure to say you are a strats member so I know your cool.

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