New iPhone "feature" can drive the cost of your cell phone bill up


Looks like Apple is being apple. If you have an iPhone and don’t have unlimited data you might want to turn this “feature” off.

It’s called wifi assist and it will switch you over to cellular data if your wifi signal is weak. To turn it off go to Settings->Cellular and scroll to the bottom to turn off WiFi Assist.


It’s a great feature if you have unlimited data, but it should off as default.


I read an article today about a 16 year old kid that got a 1000 dollar phone bill because of this…totally crazy.


i love how they put it at the bottom of that settings window too. if you have a million apps like i do, you’d never see that there if it wasn’t pointed out. it’s so obviously done on purpose and little disappointing.


It’s just irresponsible in my opinion. I believe apple should pick up the tab for this problem and push down a quick update. Will never happen though.


This has been out for months, if they were going to do a quick update it would of happened already.