New Live Action Trailer



How F*****ing awesome is this?


Was just about to post this. When I first saw it I was expecting something more epic like Bungies other live action trailers, but for some reason the corniness of this one worked. Love it!


If this is what all the hype was about from yesterdays “tomorrow something big is coming” announcement then its an epic FAIL. Granted its a cool trailer but “something big”? nope


day is not over yet


I think the fact that they were able to get rights to play “The Immigrant Song” in this trailer is actually more impressive than the trailer.


This was the exact sentiment of Bungie themselves.


It was an interesting video but nothing that was overly impressive. All the same still looking forward to the release.


“How about something Classical.”



The trailer was cheesy but it wasn’t really made for adult gamers in mind persay…which is fine I still liked it.