New Loot Thread



Whatcha Get?

With the new DLC out now everyone has a chance for some sweet new loot. USe this place to brag, boast, and parade around with your new loot. Please post screen shots if you can so we can see it in all it’s glory. Don’t be shy, we want to see what you got. :wink:


I have been talking about the new primary sniper for awhile now. When I found out there is a free chest at the beginning of the raid I had my fingers crossed that RNGeus would bless me with my beloved. As I enter the chest room, I opened the chest quickly to reveal my fate. Little did I know the random number generator was smiling upon me this day. I was rewarded with my sweet.

Little did I know the gun was gonna suck… It takes a year to fire each shot and it doesn’t one shot anything but Thralls.


you’re welcome! it might be better if you upgrade that next perk. looks like a pretty BA perk


I don’t know the movie (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) it’s referring to but I just like the name haha Apparently it stands for “The Fall Will Probably Kill You”. Possibly referring to the fall into the Hellmouth in the Moon.

P.S. I hate hand cannons, I’ll probably never use this…


I love hand cannons and that movie =P. This gun seems quite good – I don’t have any legendary hand cannons at the moment and I’d love something to replace Thorn in the event that I want to use a different exotic.


I joined @DanceBurgerDance raid crew yesterday and within 90 seconds I had Raid Boots. #blessed


You son of a gun.


Big shout out to @lazybum965 who sent me an invite to my first VoG run. We completed it with a mystery team without voice chat in a few hours. I got Chatterwhite shader, raid boots, Corrective Measure machine gun, and lots of ascendent shards. Good times!


No screenies cause I’m at work. I’m a warlock only. So far:

Time on Target, primary pulse rifle
LDR 5001, void sniper rifle, sadly does not have armor piercing perk for shooting thru walls
Two to the Morgue, arc shotgun
Bought the new Truth, sharded my old one. It was originally a drop for me, so cha-ching
One Way Ticket 000, arc rocket launcher
Upgraded my Light Beyond Nemesis, was originally a drop, sharded my old one
Bought Dusk Tread IV gloves, got them maxed
Bought new Voidfang Vestments, sharded my old one. It’s got two bubbles left to complete.
Bought Dusk Tread VI boots, got them maxed.
Bought two helmet engrams, got some titan somethings, sharded them. Yay turning motes into exotic shards!


No problem @Espaceman! It was my first time too, so I’m glad we could get it on the first run. Good job following along without a mic. I think you are the real hero here.

I got Atheon’s Epilogue, Chatter White, a legendary sniper I don’t remember, and some shards/energies. Pretty excited to hit 30 here pretty soon.


Way to go @lazybum965! Holdin’ it down on the Xbox side fo’ sho. Glad to see you are getting rewards for the hard work and your fellow members are getting the goods.


For the record, I hate the nightfall reward system. I got my first exotic reward for my main just last week, a weapon I already had (Truth). Why doesn’t this game reward you for doing work? I’ve solo’d many nightfalls and come up completely empty in the loot department.

Congrats to spredhed for the Icebreaker, though. Not sure if you already had one. I’ve been wanting that weapon since September and still haven’t been able to get one. This game just makes me not want to play it sometimes.


Ready for 32! I just need Glimmer, Radiant Shards, XP and most importantly TIME to play the game :unamused:


Why are the names blocked over?


Well I shared the screen without their permission, so just for security or what have you. Not sure if they wanted their SNs shown.


It’s about damn time Spred got an Icebreaker…


Vex Mythoclast club’s newest member… @Joey_coz!!!


Universal Remote dropped for me yesterday on my sherpa Nightfall Run. Figuring out the tricks of its use, but it looks promising.


@Espaceman The first thing you absolutely need to know that it is useless without the “Universal Remote” perk.

After that however, you can do some damage in smaller PvP maps. It also helps to think of it as a sniper as opposed to a shotgun.


@JohnOnTheRocks I found this out the hard way, lol. Its range is abysmal in pvp, even compared with legendary shotguns. I guess I’ll wait to use it until I can unlock its perk.