New Marvel games coming from Telltale!


I can’t wait for some decent Marvel games. Seriously, what have they been waiting for? There’s so much money dumped into the movies by Disney and yet there hasn’t been a decent game in a really long time.

I don’t want movie games, I want game games!

At an event in San Francisco today, Marvel discussed the company’s future plans in the video game space, announcing a partnership with Telltale Games.

The first of those games will come to consoles in 2017, Marvel executives said. Marvel did not disclose the name of the game or which properties Telltale might be developing games with.

Marvel’s Peter Phillips, executive vice president and general manager for interactive and digital distribution, and Jay Ong, vice president of games, were joined by Marvel Games creative director Bill Roseman and executive producer Mike Jones to discuss the entertainment giant’s future video games.

According to Roseman, the company’s future Marvel games will strive for authenticity, will feel “exquisite” and “sexy,” and will be celebrated by Marvel fans. Roseman said the games will look “eye-popping,” and feel well-built and hand-crafted.

“Marvel is about storytelling,” Phillips said, saying that the Marvel brand promises heroic, complex and relatable characters.

Telltale Games already works with a number of high profile properties, including The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Minecraft.


I would love for them to make a non movie related game. It could focus on one super hero and it would be amazing. They have the best characters. It’s a shame they never make good games, cause they could make a killing.


I have never tried a Telltale game but I might give Borderlands a look since I used to really enjoy the Sierra adventure games in the 80s/90s.

However, Marvel Heroes is a good game. Gazillion is in direct contact with Marvel about character design, costumes, and storylines for the game. Marvel has to approve every hero design before it’s placed on test server and every costume the art department conceives before it is put on the market.


The Xmen Arcade game, Xmen Legends series, and Marvel vs Capcom series just called; they disagree with you :wink:


But they could make incredible single player games based on their marvelous characters and stories.


Just gonna drop this here.

I need more Marvel platforming awesomeness.


Used to play this all the time before consoles were a thing


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