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How’s it going everyone?!

Name is Frank, from “jersey” and not from the tv show… I have been a long time gamer and I love games from Final Fantasy all the way to Madden and pretty much anything in-between.

I am a College Student in pursuit of becoming a physical therapist and I have been a personal trainer for about 6 years. As such if anyone ever has any questions related to health and fitness I will be your go to guy unless there are people on the forum already whom you already rely on for such information.

I am also a scotch enthusiast; actually I am ok with anything whisky.

I currently play/ prioritize Destiny and I predominantly play games on my PS4 as I used to be a big PC gamer but found it a little too expensive to keep up with the latest graphic cards and mother boards to stop lagging! haha oh well

Anyway just wanted to stop in and say hello see what you guys do for fun/ for a living and become part of the forum

Thanks again!


Welcome! Glad to see another Destiny player. Be sure to check out the Destiny intro post for all the knowledge you need. Add everyone on the PSN name swap and start with me, Dynamible.

Hi Frank! Welcome to Strats, it’s great to have you! How is it being a personal trainer? I hear it can be very rewarding work.

You’ll find plenty to do with the Destiny group, they are very ambitious. What are some other games you play?

Hey Frank, welcome!

The PSN name swap is here: Destiny Name Swap Playstation

add everyone and your friends list will be full of ppl online 24/7 practically haha welcome


John speaks the truth! Welcome!

Welcome welcome, let us know if you get into anything else on PS4 too! We’ve got our fingers in more than just one pie…

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Welcome to the Dark side brother, hope to see you in Destiny. Don’t listen to @Dynamible add me first, I’ll actually help :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys for welcoming me! I appreciate it and also look forward to it because I do tend to play a decent span of video games haha. I have recently been playing Destiny for lack of time but I want to start playing the crew after christmas I do play 2k basketball fifa, I dabble in FFXIV A realm reborn I like my share of call of duty as well although I am boycotting the new one for destiny.

I am a total noob to the PSN so if I don’t add someone and you want to add me instead because chances are I tried and just couldn’t figure it out haha my name is: Jussblaze2411

Being a personal trainer is cool tbh I find it rewarding but its tough to find work with the amount of personal trainers in this area but its fun! I also currently work in physical therapy as assistant,

I am going to try and add some people tonight in PSN if you didn’t get a request by the morning then I just couldn’t figure it out maybe try and add me haha

Thanks again guys!

Jussblaze2411 (PSN name and Username here)

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Welcome, Frank!

Welcome to the team Frank!!

@Jussblaze2411 Pro tip - You can add friends on the Playstation app on your iPhone. Much easier and more convenient.


Thanks John for some reason its not letting me find any of the names I type in for you guys so I made this link.

If you happen to want to click it and add me then awesome

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