New member of strats


Hey, I’m Josh, Tommy2118’s son, and I’m 14.

I am mostly playing skyrim and hearthstone right now but I also play Xbox games such as halo 4 and destiny when I have gold, and I’ll also be on HotS once I build a computer that can handle it.
At the moment I am saving up for a gaming set up at the planned cost of 600$. Wish me luck, and I hope to see you around. Jocosh#1591


welcome to strats. happy gaming and hope you’re able to build your dream pc (it’s really nice when you finally get to.)

there’s tons of good information of that sort of thing here on the forums.

anyways, have fun


Welcome aboard! I guess it makes Strats more of a family, yes?


I guess so, thanks (:


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the Dark side brother :slight_smile: Happy to have you here man


Hey there tommy junior😊…yea i know you don’t like that😊

None the less welcome to the strats as equal member… Happy to have a family oriented Guild




@Jocosh: Welcome to Strats, Josh! It’s awesome to have you here. :smile:


Welcome mate! Good to have you around.




welcome :sunglasses:


Good to have you here buddy! Welcome to the best little corner of the Internet!




Hey mate, welcome to the party :wink:


Welcome to Strats! I’m disappointed by no 2118.


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