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Whats up,
I ran across the post yall made in the gta forums and was interested in joining. Am looking to be a part of a good group of people that I can game with on the current game and the next games that will release. I’m in eastern time and am usually online when im not at work. A little about myself: I’m a competitive FPS player in the Battlefield series, a fan of GTA (requested to join the crew) and other open world games.

Add me on PSN: Shad0w_L0C__

I am currently playing GTA online, a bit of NBA 2k15, and Battlefield 4 when the servers aren’t lagging.


Hey mate, welcome aboard! The roster of everyone playing GTA on PS4 can be found over here. If you can’t edit the wiki post just drop a comment in the thread and we’ll get you added. We’ve got a short intro post for the crew you can glance at as well. Feel free to poke around the site and let us know if you’ve got any questions; see you in game :wink:

Edit: handled your crew request :wink:

Welcome! What’s your favorite thing about GTA online? Long walks on the beach, driving, or killing hookers?

Long drives on the beach that involve killing everyone, including hookers?

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Greetings friend! Welcome.

Welcome to Strats! Strats and Crew is really starting to spin up. There is a lot of competition with new games being released right now and GTAV is holding its own. I’m looking forward to playing a few rounds of golf followed by jumping 100k sportscars into a secure military base with the hopes of stealing a jet fighter. See ya in game.


Hola, one of us one of us.

I would have to say it is randomly killing pedestrians while getting to my destination either by stabbing, setting them on fire and running them over… in no particular order. ha

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Thanks, good to be here. Count me in, will be on GTA online today.

Yeah i checked that out. Accepted! Thanks

Welcome Shadow!

Welcome to the Dark side brother!

Hi Shad0w welcome to Strats! Looking forward to getting into some PS4 games with you!

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