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Hi my name is Mariem (yes im a girl gamer :P). My Minecraft name is NetflixAddict16. Ive played minecraft for years and I get very addicted to it when I find a server I like. I love mining. Not a huge PVP person so I keep to myself. I was introduced to this server by a friend of mine I just made a few days ago when I transferred schools. Im excited to play on this server!!
Im from Egypt and im 16 years old. I love minecraft, GTA, Halo, and CoD. I love to play video games, play soccer and track and hang out with family and friends. I love to meet new people!


Welcome Mariem:D glad to have you, if youd like to join the server leave your username in this Thread.
make sure to check out the addons and such that are on the server which can be found in this Thread here.


Thanks Screamopancakes! :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the Dark side sister.

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Hi Mariem welcome to Strats! Hope you enjoy our Minecraft community!

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Great to have you on the Strats team. We need more ladies in the forum and in the crew. You will love playing with @PreshusKitty in GTA, she is a great driver and a strong asset to the crew, as I am sure you will be too. See you in the ether.


@MariemHassan: (You have such a pretty name, btw.)

Yay, another girl gamer! Hiiiiii and welcome to Strats! :smiley:

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Welcome to the forums!

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