New monster teaser for Witcher 3



Just a little more fuel for the hype that is Witcher :smile:
Less than 2 weeks away now.


Since so many people are buying the Witcher 3 … someone should share a really good summary of the first two games to get everyone up to gear that may not have played the previous titles. There is a lot of lore behind the Witcher from both games and books, all of which will continue in the third game.


So close… We are so close.


Don’t forget:


I’m trying to make share-worthy posts for people to put out there :sadgumball:


Does this count?


Does that summarize everything prior to 3, or was it just the 1st game?


That looks like it leads up TO the first game’s intro. When I get home I’ll find something that bridges the two games and the books. Watched a few some nights ago and got a basic understanding.


yea, I was just being silly. That’s mainly for 1 as @Nubhugs said. There are a few decent youtube videos but seems most have some issues so wasn’t sure which to recommend.

A very brief read would be:
Read from bottom up in Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 sections. There’s also a little background info below that. I’m sure there are more detailed pages out there as well.


Reading is for NERDS



My bro likes these YouTube guys for their Fallout series, but they also have a Witcher lore series thats a little bit slower and drier. Its still worth checking out, as I had no prior knowledge to these games.

Link to the playlist


Like a King of Old Game Threads? :stuck_out_tongue:


Man its almost here…it just pre loaded on my PC and will check on the ps4 later tonight. I got a bunch of new videos that are awesome but i cant upload them here for some reason. Anyway i am hyped for this coming out…only a week left…w00h0000!!


If you want some more background info before playing the Witcher today or as you’re playing, Polygon has a nice primer that came out yesterday: