New PC division player


I am new to the division. I am hoping to make some friends from every platform. I have the ps4 and pc but play division on the pc. I used to have an xbox one but I had to get rid of it as I needed money but didnt play much on it anymore. I will get it again in the future but I am currently usually playing on the pc. I have played many different games and am using those skills to learn as much as I can about the division. I hope I can learn much from the community here and have a great time playing this game and possibly other games with you. I very easy going but I like to have a know how of where things are and sometimes will get a little frustrated if lots of things are going wrong. I am glad to be a part of the community and hope to know everyone here well :slight_smile: I am from canada and on the west coast so I play is PST. I have too many games I play to name them all but if you ask me if I play a game I will let you know if I do have it or not. thank you.


Welcome to Strats! Grab a :beer: or :cocktail: from the cooler if you’re so inclined. You’ll find we’re across all the consoles here.

Vancity? Also, don’t let @Bradum tell you otherwise but West Coast, Best Coast.


Welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the party. Feel free to add me on Uplay epyon415. Also in pc and west coast. I try to play daily.


glare :wink:

Hey mate, welcome to the party! We’ve got a few around these parts that actually never stopped playing, like @stHeretic, who are probably a wealth of knowledge as well. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues.


Looks like I was paged! I’m still playing The Division daily, mostly solo at this point. I’m central time, but typically up until 11 or 12. Same name in game, feel free to add me.


Welcome, friend!


Welcome welcome!


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