New player tips for Elder Scrolls Online

Here are a few tips for newer players:

  1. Don’t sweat the character set up. The only absolutely permanent thing for each individual character is the class. You can change skill points, attribute points, and Champion Points with in game gold. You can even change the race or appearance with Crowns (actual money). If you want another class, just roll another character. You have multiple character slots, and you can buy 4 more than the 8 standard that come with the game. Deleting a character is usually not needed, as you can redo most of it and not lose all the progress.

  2. Until you reach level 50, don’t worry a lot about what gear you are using. The more important thing is that it is near your level. The game scales you based on your level, and you don’t want equipment 10 levels below yours. You will find tons of gear while running around. Even when you hit level 50 and start getting Champion Points, you shouldn’t worry about it much. When you hit 160 Champion Points, that is the max for gear and that is when you start collecting permanent sets.

  3. I have a character that is a master crafter and can make anything. If you really want to shoot up the levels fast, I can make a set of training gear that gives much faster XP.

  4. Only go to the official ESO forums if you can handle a toxic environment. There are people complaining about every detail of the game all the time. These same people have “quit” the game multiple times, only to be back a week later. There is good info there on best gear, skills, etc, but you have to wade through the complaints.

  5. Questing gave give decent XP. Grinding the monsters in an area and going in a circle can be fastest, but a bit boring. At least the quests give you more to do.

  6. I would recommend trying each of the 4 person group dungeons in Normal level first to learn the unique mechanics of each boss before trying it on Veteran, as the jump in difficulty is huge. Now that housing is out, I find myself redoing all of them in Vet level to collect the heads of the bosses for display at my house, but it is just a game shiny, not anything that provides actual stats for your character.

  7. Playing the game with voice in Discord is WAY better than text, especially in PvP or group dungeons. Text is just too slow. I use text on random dungeon groups with strangers, so it is possible to finish, just harder.

  8. Getting a subscription to the game ($15 for a month, or $77 for 6 months) gives some pretty big benefits. 10% more XP, more gold picked up, the ability to color dye outfits, and the biggest is the crafting bag. That gives unlimited space for materials (not sets), so you can dig up rocks and certain plants for armor, wood for shields and staves, plants and water for potions, and rune stones to enchant equipment with no limit. When Morrowind comes out, it will also DOUBLE bank space for subscribers. That is a big deal, as I am collecting many different sets of equipment and they take up inventory space.

  9. The vast majority of the game is not too hard if you have even two people. Even new characters I’ve made could solo most of it, but I have a lot of knowledge about the game mechanics. You will often see a lot of others running around in quest areas anyway, so just get out there and explore. PvP needs groups to avoid getting swarmed, and group dungeons are too hard to solo until you have everything maxed. 12 person trials are the hardest in game content. If you have a sub or buy the Orsinium DLC, there is an area called Maelstrom Arena that is a solo dungeon. The vet level of that is the absolute hardest solo content in the game.

  10. I’ll be out until Monday May 15th 2017, but you can hit me up for info ingame a lot of the time. I try to be on 7-9 pm PST most of the days, except I have bowling league on Thursday and Friday. In game name is rotaugen454.


Other starter tips:

Start leveling your horse riding skill NOW. It costs 250 gold to raise speed, carrying capacity or stamina by one point, and you can only raise it one point per day. It takes 180 days to raise all to full. Speed makes the horse faster, capacity adds more inventory space to your character, and stamina just makes it harder to knock you off the horse. Any horse will do, there are just tons of skins but they don’t affect the underlying settings. Each CHARACTER has different mount settings, but any one character has the same settings on every mount they have. You can have 10 mounts for a character and they all have the same speed, capacity and stamina.

If you want to craft armor, weapons, food and potions, start that up right away too. The armor and weapons can take a long time to get all the traits researched.

Join the fighter’s guild and mage’s guild in the game. You don’t have to actually do their quest lines, just join them. Killing daedra and undead raises Fighter’s Guild level and finding lore books raises Mage’s Guild level. There are some valuable skill lines under each.

If you are on PC (sorry console players), google “ESO Minion”. There are game add-ons for PC that make life much easier, such as maps showing where all skyshards and treasure map locations are, better game UI, etc.

Every three skyshards found give you a skill point. This becomes very important as you learn a ton of skills and develop passives for class, race, etc.

You get XP just for discovering new locations, and finding wayshrines makes jumping around between areas much easier, so explore!

At first, you want to have some of each armor type (light, medium, heavy), as just wearing it in combat raises your level with the armor and unlocks passives you can spend skill points on. You have plenty of time before you hit level 50 and accumulate 160 Champion Points to get everything maxed out.

On new characters, I tend to have 3 or 4 skills I use a lot and at least one that is on the bar just to raise its level, Until you are maxed out, you will always want to have a skill or two on the bar that are there to level it up instead of having 5 maxed out skills and a lot of undeveloped ones.

If that first mount is too expensive in gold, I might be able to give you the gold for it, or you can even use the Crown Store (real money) to buy a mount skin you really like. As I said earlier, all mount skins have the same stats for a character, so you can raise the stats on an ugly one, get a shiny one later, and it will have the same stats. If you bought the Imperial Edition of the game, you can buy the Imperial horse for 1 gold.


Hopefully I am not clogging up this thread with TLDR info, but this game has a lot of depth and after three years and thousands of hours ingame, I could write a small book.

Learning your class role helps a lot in group dungeons. Yeah, you can grind away and raise your level without fulfilling any specific role, but I have run into healers that can’t heal, tanks that can’t hold aggro, and DPS players that think just spamming bow attacks counts as Damage per Second. Players with a LOT of Champion Points. You can change your role simply by changing gear worn and skills used. Group dungeons are WAY easier when everyone does their role. When I have time, I could do some dungeon runs with people and help learn the roles.

When you pick locks, you gain the Legerdemain skill line. This can make picking pockets easier, which can earn a lot of gold over time. Stealing items from containers can be lucrative too, just don’t get caught doing it or you get a bounty.

Some people focus on melee (up close) or ranged combat, but I do a bit of each. At level 15, you can swap between two weapons and have a melee and a ranged. You set up a standard skill use rotation that lets you really increase your damage or the healing you do. It takes time to master, but you can literally triple (or more) the damage/healing you do once you get it down.

There are a ton of websites with helpful info on character builds and how to use them. The best don’t just tell you a build, they tell you how it all works together and give beginning level gear that is easy to acquire before you have Best In Slot gear. is one that I recommmend. UESP wiki for ESO gives a lot of useful information about every aspect of the game as well, as does Tamriel Foundry.


Totally cool. I may break these great tips out into their own thread though.


I just started ESO on the weekend, so I’m loving this information


Elitists will tell you that unless you have the perfect race/class/skills/gear/Champion Point setup, your character is useless. Maybe for getting top spot on leaderboards for vet trials, but not for everything else. My orc Templar healer in non-best gear can still do vet group dungeons fine.
You earn Champion points really fast at the beginning. They have a catch-up mechanic where it takes far fewer for the early ones. If you use up all 400k of inspiration per day, you could be at 160 CP quickly, as the cap is currently 600. I have 803, so being over the cap means they sit there unused until they raise the cap, and that is raised about 30 CP per quarter. It takes me about 880K XP to gain another CP. New players that hit level 50 could get 10 or more CP in one day easily. I think it might even start you with 10 CP as soon as you hit level 50, and the first ones after that are around 20K or so each. It scales up in cost the closer you get to the cap, at which point it is 400K per CP.


One unpublished mechanic is that you gain bonus XP for being in a group of two. You get dimished XP per kill if the group is 3 or more. However, the game becomes very easy with 3 or more people. Most of the quests can be done by people wearing terrible gear and spamming light attacks if there are several of you, so you really don’t have to grind for Best in Slot Gear for hours until you reach 160 CP and want to do vet group dungeons or trials. The rest of the game can be done in mismatched gear if you have a group. One guy put on the joke Broom (2 handed weapon) and Bucket (helmet) gear that was sold in the crown store on April Fool’s Day, and cleared VETERAN Maelstorm Arena with it. He was highly experienced and had a good skill rotation, but it proved that you can do a lot with subpar gear.

Dolmens (those chain things coming out of the sky in overland areas) have their bosses drop weapons and jewelry for the set type in that region, so that is a good grind spot for gear once you decide to collect a specific set.

There are two types of bound gear: Bind on Equip (BOE) and Bind on Pickup (BOP). BOE can be traded or sold unless your character has actually worn it. BOP can only be traded with someone who did the Group Dungeon with you, and only for one hour. Then it is bound to your account, so you can wear it, store it in inventory, or deconstruct it for parts. A lot of the overland gear can be sold or traded at any time. They just made the most powerful stuff bound to your account. Crafted gear can be sold or traded, unless you use it at a dye station, then it is bound. They don’t want the people with subscriptions making gold dying gear to specific colors for people, I suppose.


Wow thanks for the help guys! Im so excited for Morrowind!!

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They made some major changes to Morrowind for Magicka and Stamina costs and regeneration. Light and Medium armor now give 1% less cost reduction per piece for Magicka and Stamina respectively. So, instead of each piece of light armor giving 3% less Magicka cost for skills (up to 21% cost reduction on Magicka abilities if you have 7 pieces of light armor), it gives 2% per piece, up to 14% total. If you are level 50 and have Champion Points, they took out the cost reduction branches. So, you effectively need to occasionally do a full heavy attack to regenerate Magicka and Stamina, and maybe put a regeneration glyph on a piece or two of armor so you don’t run out of resources at the worst time possible. I made those adjustments. I do less damage per second, but I still do fine and don’t run out of resources.


If you are playing on PC, Google “ESO Minion”. This lets you put a lot of addons in the game, things that give a better user interface, show you where the skyshards and lore books are, give better ways of seeing inventory, etc. If you are on console, they unfortunately do not have addons.

Grab every skyshard you can. Every 3 gives you another skill point. Also do the main quests in each area. They each give a skill point as well. It seems like you don’t need a lot at first, given how long it takes to make the skills on your bar max out, but over time you will need them. There are a lot of passive skills that give bonuses. They don’t have to be activated to use, they just need a skill point spent to have them.

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I have found the complete opposite to be the case. Yesterday I did one fight at a dolmen. In that time my first bow skill, Volley, went from rank 1 to rank 4.

Wait until you morph it. Getting the morph to level 4 takes a long time. The basic skill levels quickly.

Hey, Elder Scrolls Online is really interesting and those tips are very useful.