New Raid Team for the Week of Christmas. (PS4)



Hey guys, I recently got my Warlock up to 30, and I want to join one of the current raid teams. Not sure if there is any spots open, but if there is I would love to join!

4 more spots to fill, alts are welcome, just trying to have some fun, get some loot.

Raid Team:

Lets do this!!!


I’m looking for someone to raid with as well! add me up on PSN: mlai364 (PS4 btw)


Check the destiny page I know @Dynamible posted about bravo raid team possibly having an opening


How about you guys make aa post here and come up with a time. It makes it easy to get organized and start when you guys can all play. It sounds like you have already and I’m sure you can get more. This forum is aa great tool for linking up, rather then sending invites to who is online.


We can do that, Thanks @Dynamible. Guess I’ll start the process now. I’ll add you when i’m on next @mlai364.