New Reddit Thread in r/wsguilds



:thumbsup: (find it there and upboat!)

Also, comments about how amazingly sexy we are works too.


We can also list here Vocino


Good call. I’ll throw something up.

@Droul, @DracoIsmenium, @senNish, @Majordomo, @Auth, @KnightsOfTheRou, @GuardianX, what is the actual guild called in game? (it wants the exact name I think). Also, the short tag.


Should have been PvE as that is the server we are rolling on, not the content we are participating in :stuck_out_tongue:




Ask @Majordomo he has the name res i thought.


Strats Co is the guild name and for a tag i would use Strat


The tag should definitely be “STRATS” if possible. It’s our URL and nickname.


Ok, check this:


feeekin sweet…so were gonna roll into Stormtalon and kick some ass!!


I just put that for now, I don’t know. I guess let me know.


OK…as soon as Domo gets on mumble we will chat about it…i think you should get on mumble as well :smile:


I’m at the office right now or I would. I trust whatever you guys decide.


I know we have the meeting tonight at 8 and I thought that was the final decision time :stuck_out_tongue:


The meeting isnt until tomorrow night…its posted in the Officers Meeting thread


@Droul look… I want it to be thursday now damnit! that means it’s almost sunday! (aka yes you are right I am dumb)


STORMTALON is our official server!




@Majordomo i thought we were going to wait at least a day before deciding. I don’t mind the choice, just curious :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder how I ended up here…