New Reduced Stream Delay Option on Twitch



All broadcasters now have the ability to reduce stream delay on their broadcasts via an on-off toggle in Settings under Channel & Videos.

If you frequently interact with chat, this new reduced delay option means you’ll spend less time waiting for replies and more time engaging your community. Enabling this feature reduces delay on average by 33%. You can opt-in to reduced delay at any time, but it must be turned on prior to the beginning of your broadcast to take effect.

We’re releasing the reduced delay beta as an option to broadcasters because it does come at a small quality of service cost - particularly to viewers with poor internet connections. Some viewers may experience changes in playback, with shorter, more frequent buffering times. Because less video is queued on a viewer’s computer, they will be more susceptible to variations in download bandwidth, and may experience more interruptions in service while video buffers. Rather than require every channel to switch to the reduced delay option, we’re leaving it up to you to decide what is best for your community.

Learn more about how we reduced stream delay over on the Twitch blog.


thanks for the info…i just updated my settings :).


i’ll be looking into this tonight. i’m going to be revamping a bunch of other stuff on my stream tonight, so i will put in a good test of this setting. i’m not hearing great things about it yet. mostly about viewers having to buffer more.


Let me know how it works.