New Rims for my Truck


I am planning to purchase a set of rims for my black 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew. What do you guys think of this bronze MR501 Method Wheels?


Those look really cool!

Make sure to be careful with gravity cast rims because some of the less expensive options can bend and crack pretty easily. I don’t know as much about truck wheels as I do car wheels, just something to consider!


I dig the look of bronze wheels on black, for sure. I used to have bronze OZ Superleggeras on my black S4 back in the day.


I’m actually in an auto body right now. I asked the owner what he thinks if this matchup, and he said this wouldn’t be suitable aesthetically or functionally for your model of vehicle. But if YOU like it, that matters more than what combination a pro might choose! Is this what your heart is set on, or are there other options you’re browsing? I think these rims look nice on their own. I agree that I wouldn’t pair them with your truck. But I’m a firm believer in self satisfaction, so if it makes you happy and you like the look, yay!


Can never go wrong with a set of steelies.