New Strategy: Sunderer Tri-force

#Sunderer Tri-force
9-12 squad members
2 high level proximity repair sunderers
1 blockaid sunderer
3 sunderers with good guns (depends on situation).

The blockade sunderer takes the lead, and if a proficient driver drives backward. The two repair sunderers are right behind the blockade, and make sure to be in range to repair the other two. All three sunderers must be careful, and move together in a triangle formation in order for this to be effective. Occasionally, if a sunderer takes heavy damage everyone must retreat in formation, until fully repaired. Tanks and other sunderers can be added, if the extra manpower is available increasing the effectiveness assuming they don’t get in the way.

Squad members MUST be cooperative and decent gunners/drivers.
If formation is broken most times all three sunderers die along with the gunners.


I want to get some time in this weekend. When is the best time?

On weekends depends, but usually from 2-7 around 5 I see a good amount of people usually.

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Is that EST?

CST time