New strats player introduction

Hello All,

I go by either Bentchee or Carmmon(PSN). I am a experienced GTA V player that was looking for a group of active PS4 players. Saw a post for Strats on Reddit went to the Rockstar Social Club and who did I see just get promoted to Rep but a friend from the last time I played (Biggles). So I saw it as some sort of sign of a good place to go.

I play way to many games both on the PS4, PS3 and PC. Basically I spend way to much time playing video games.

Hit me up on the PSN(Carmmon) any time to play a game.



It’s really good to have you with us in GTAV. I thought you fit right in with our members and I had a blast causing a general ruckus with you this morning. I’m sure you will see over time that we are much bigger then one game at any given moment. Welcome to Strats.

Hi @Bentchee! Welcome to Strats, glad to have you on the GTA crew. What other games do you get into?

Also, you can never spend too much time playing video games :wink:


Welcome welcome, what are you playing on PC?

Thanks for the warm welcome. I had a great time getting killed by the crew last night on GTA hope we can repeat it again real soon.

A few asked what other games and I totally meant to mention it in my Introduction but at 1am last night I forgot to include it.

Games I am currently playing:
PS4 - GTA, Destiny, COD AW
PC - Minecraft, Wasteland 2, CSGO (Totally suck at it), whatever indie game I just picked up off steam(last night was goat simulator and the new MMO pack.)

Nice list! I hear the new Microwave class in Goat Sim is OP. Confirmed?

Did you say Destiny? I just so happen to have a Destiny clan that just so happens to be for this community. We just so happen to have a whole section of this forum too.

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I did happen to say Destiny. Very much a newb at the game still but am enjoying it all the same. I will take a look at the Destiny section.

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