NEW Strats Shirts Are Here (for a limited time)



For a VERY LIMITED time, new Strats shirts are up by popular demand. Get 'em while they’re hot.

There’s 2 logo tees that come in Dark colors and Light colors plus some extras for the Xbox and PlayStation kids.


Strats Shirts Activate

Woot! :wink:


That’s some variety.


The logo tees are available in different colors. (not sure if this was sarcasm)


Quite serious. I don’t remember having an option of four shirts previously.


Ohhhh man, I need one of these ASAP. Also need to get one for my girlfriend.


Wow where is the KBM shirt. Oh well. I got two. Blue logo and a PS4.


The purple shirt makes me feel all Twitch official.


sweeeeeeet!! ordered 3 different shirts! thanks @Vocino for more awesome goodies :smile:


So, if you’re open to it… I wouldn’t mind strats stickers… car decal of the logo/url combo, ect. Something to put on my trapper keeper.


Time to lose money!
Getting 2.


I had to look up “trapper keeper” because I distinctly remember hearing them somewhere. I found out I heard it from South Park, and then I googled further as to what a trapper keeper is.

Now I want one.


Lol. For the record, I don’t have a trapper keeper. :slight_smile:


Nothing’s stopping you from getting one!


The purple one. >>> :heart_eyes: I’m in love. Thanks so much for these, @Vocino!


Booya, ordered… Blue one.


Will you sue me if I get a tan one made to wear under my uniform?


Uh, as long as it’s not for sale I guess.


Why do the logo shirts require 10 for printing, but the console shirts only need 3?


Had to get the purple! So excited! <3