New Strats shirts (link in header)


After a few PMs and a huge delay (sorry, been super busy), I made some new logo shirts available at I want a shirt for an event I’m going to next month so I finally got around to it (so selfish!).

I’ve also placed a “Shirts” link in the header for future reference. I’m going to make some new designs and post them as I think of them. If you have requests for designs let me know.


Woo! Now what’s this event you got going on in a month?


Dat white one though… Do we have to reach a mark from each shirt or is it a total goal?


How has 7 already been sold for the green side? It can’t possibly be taking the people who tried to buy it last time, is it?


It remembers how many people had previously ordered one, yes


dat green one… if only we had enough people to bring it back… and if i had the money.


Very cool. I’m all about supporting the places I’m at, so I’ve placed my reservation. I hope to see it make its goal; the mint green one is beautiful.


So I’m feeling i shoulda bought more then one, so i can wear em while streaming, perfect product placement. I’m bout to order 10 of the #TeamStrats streaming shirts just so i can get one myself… lol


Can we get a black one with the local smaller over the left breast? I have a thing about heavy screen prints on my chest and back that cover most of that surface. (It’s a weird tactile thing…)


i want the purple sweater :frowning: lol


I would love to get one to stream in, are they still available?


I really want the purple one (purple is my favorite color). I hope its possible to pick up a couple soon.


Any chance at lady sizes? As a smaller female even the unisex fits boxy on me. Looks great though!

(Oh sorry I see some have ladies sizes. Carry on)


If there’s enough interest we can start the pre order again i think. Once it gets enough people then it’ll send them out.


I’m interested. I skipped this past one, so im ready for the next wave.


Had a few people today in my Stream chat asking about how they can get a Strats shirt for themselves, might need to start up another push in the coming months now that our names really getting out in the streaming community :slight_smile: