New streamer checking in! What's up?


What’s up members of Strats! How are you all doing?

My name is Christopher or Chrissssyx! I am located in Scotland! (FREEDOM!) I have recently started streaming and am looking to grow and expand my channel through networking, chat and social interaction and most of all good content! I have made YouTube videos in the past (4 years ago when I was a squeaker) and have a video that has 45k views! I started streaming as another small hobby that can run alongside my game playing and I stream totally for fun and to have a good time. I play a variety of games such as Counter Strike: GO, H1Z1, Hearthstone, Prison Architect, Fallout and whatever else I can get my hands on! I have a fairly decent Steam library and I hope to use this to my advantage as a variety streamer!

I am always aiming to improve my stream and video quality so artwork/audio/video/schedule is all still a work in progress but the good news is that it is in progress and that I am actually working toward improving!

Thanks for reading,

Find me here:


Welcome! How’d you hear about us?


Thanks! I found you through @ThatDoomThough! I was watching his YouTube videos on Ankhbot and decided to check out his twitch! I followed his twitch and read his buttons under the stream and seen the Strats Co Team Member so I decided to check it out!


That’s a great story. Glad you found us, welcome again.


Welcome welcome, if you are ever looking for streaming graphics or general artwork hit me up. I work for free!


Wow this is good news, you may be the person I am looking for, keep an eye out for me later I’ll probably message you!


Welcome to Strats, @Chrissssyx! I really hope that you enjoy your time here. :blush:

PS: I replied to your PM message too, btw!


Welcome to Strats!! If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask!


I visited Scotland on my honeymoon, loved it. Can’t wait to see your work, welcome to strats :slight_smile:


Oh nice where did you go? Thanks!


Holyrood, Roslyn Chapel, Gretna green, Edinburgh castle, basically saw the sights :slight_smile:


Thanks man, I’ll make sure I don’t!


Welcome to the party! There’re a ton of helpful Strategists and a wealth of knowledge around these parts, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find most anything you’re looking for regarding streaming, gaming, or generally being awesome; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:

Fun fact: the thread he made about Ankhbot is still one of the top traffic threads on this site (GG @ThatDoomThough ;))


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to our little corner of the Internet! Glad you liked the video and my twitch! If there’s any more that I can help you, feel free to message me on here!


Welcome to the :strats_green: Strats family @Chrissssyx!


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