New Sunday Afternoon/Evening PS4 Raid Team Forming: AAA

My name’s Auth. ^ That’s Atheon. ^ I plan to assault the shit out of him :wink:

##Auth’s Atheon Assaultors is now recruiting
Here’s the skinny: I’m a busy gamer, as I’m sure many of you are; I don’t always have time to piss about with the raid. I need my gloves badly, but not so badly that I’m going to allot an entire evening to that end. I have school, I have a wife, I have other gaming interests. So, here’s how this is going to work:

This team will be operating on a to-time basis: 90 minutes. That’s more than enough time to cut the raid down once the team finds our groove. We might not finish the first week, or every week if things aren’t gelling, and that’s just how it’s going to go on my watch. Those who want to stick around longer will be welcome to, but there will be no pressure to do so from myself or any other raid member, savvy?

This team is primarily for the individuals who want to raid but haven’t been able to consistently because of time conflicts or an inability to commit the potential length of time needed. For these reasons, I’m going to run at a different time than many of our other raid teams, and we’re going to stick to a strict schedule.

Sunday, 1800-1930 EST

People who want to raid. Priority spots on this team will be given to those who do not have a raid team at present, followed by community member alts. Strats members will always have priority, even in a situation when we need a replacement. Got a friend who wants to be an alternate? I recommend they join the community and clan if they want a spot on my team :wink:

Because my life is getting busy quick, it seems, so I need a structured block in a weekend time slot I won’t run into conflict with. After having to step out of a couple consecutive weeks with Team Bravo, it became apparent I needed to kick this off.

Post comment in the following format if you’re interested:
**PSN:** <PSN ID goes here>
**Character(s)/Level(s):** <character(s)/level(s) go here>
**Previous Raid Experience:** <what you done did and such>


29 Warlock/29 Titan
Previous Raid Experience:
Previously a member of Raid Team Bravo, extensive experience leading the raid and using the Relic

–Sign-ups close 21 November at 2359; the lineup will be announced no later than 1800 EST 22 November.–

Yes, we will start this week on Sunday.

Since we’ve not reached the number of players necessary to raid, I’m leaving registration open through Thanksgiving weekend to see if anyone else is interested and we’ll make what adjustments are needed following that to fill out the roster.

If you’re interested in this team, please sign up :wink:


27 hunter/29 titan
Previous Raid Experience:
ran with different raid teams mostly clan pug’s that were good…have great void weapons

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I’d be interested.

28 Titan / 27 Hunter / 25 Warlock
Previous Raid Experience:
I’ve been raiding randomly for several weeks now, but finding a group can be a pain at times. I’d like to have something regular. I’m working on getting my newer characters raid eligible for 3 raids a week possibly. My Titan could do hard mode at 29, but I’m waiting for boots to hit 30 first.

I have lots of experience with the relic so that isn’t an issue.

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As is apparent, we’ve not had enough of a turnout to get this team off the ground yet. I’m going to delay our start until December to see if we garner any additional interest. Yes, I do plan to do the DLC raid with this team as well; we’ll work through those particulars when the time comes. If we can’t fill a primary roster for this day and time, I will get with those interested and we’ll see if we can make an adjustment that works for everyone in an effort to get the bodies we need.

Thanks for your interest; I’ll be in touch :wink: