New The Division trailer - Hype yourselves



So having been able to play the alpha this video has taken my excitement for this game from 10-10000000000000000000 (if that is even a number). Also there is posts in the intertubes fairly confirming the beta is going to occur 1/29/16; so if you haven’t pre-ordered, get your shit together, mkay!

New trailer - watch on the biggest screen possible

Video breakdown from a major content creator


Wow. So many cool gadgets that I never saw before were in that trailer. So cool. Give me that Flame turret!


I am so stoked for this game!

Just out of curiosity, do they ever explain the PvP aspect of this game?
If we are all Agents of “The Division” why are we fighting each other?


Its an area of contention and i think the idea is that during end times, people will do desperate things. Agents are trying to help NYC and the uber weapons in the DZ are highly desperate.


This game is looking good.


man i am so hyped About this game!!! this new footage has me jumping around like a kid…lol. I cant wait to see what it looks like on the PS4 and PC during the upcoming beta. remember folks if you pre order you get guaranteed access to the beta :smile:


When I played the alpha (I didn’t play much) and I went into the darkzone it seemed like you just roamed around. There were things you could extract but I didn’t understand the point of this, but I didn’t play long enough to find out. It was cool however how you could turn on anyone at any given moment, and if you succeed you stole some loot from them. Since it was the alpha I decided to troll ans I would just start following some randoms, they would be hesitant at first and always watch me but then once I gained their trust, I started to spread the bullets. Haha it was fun. I don’t plan on playing like this when the game is released but knowing there were no real consequences I didn’t care. Being a Strats member I know that’s not how we roll, but it was an alpha so who cares. Haha