New The Last Jedi Trailer!



Now with space penguins and cold boyes :smiley:
…and fake 21:9 :cry:


The New Order Strikes Back


  • AT-ATs in a snowy looking area… check
  • Training a new Jedi… check
  • Trying to turn new Jedi to dark side… check

Wonder if Rey will park the Falcon in a cave.


Well, it was flying through a cave, and Leia was staring forlornly out a big metal door on definitely-maybe Hoth or somewhere similar…

I am now in extreme protest that the forums are trying to limit my ability to use a proper ellipses; 4 dots at the end of a sentence, but it’s manually shortening it to 3. I know what I’m about, son.


The Last Visit to Bespin


This is no CAVE!


Quality combined .gif




This OC?