New to Crew - Seeks Mentors in Mayhem



I just started GTA Online this week, and am at level 8. Although I played the hell out of Vice City “back in the day” (that’s still cool to say, right?), I haven’t really played any others in the series until now.

And to put it bluntly, I suck.

So if anyone is interested in helping me do missions this weekend (I’m nowhere near ready for heists) and generally mess around in Los Santos with me, showing me the ropes, I’d appreciate it!

Have a Laugh This Monday Morning

I should be online this evening before and after our Mine craft event and am always glad to help out. I will add you on PSN when i get on or you can add me PSN = droul01 and we can get you leveled up and ready for action!


Thanks! I’ll send you a friend request shortly!


@BarryBillericay im sorry i had every intention of logging on tonight but took a muscle relaxer for my bad back and laid down and promptly fell asleep with my controller in my hand. I will try to be on later tonight but for sure tomorrow.


No worries! Take care of yourself, and I hope you feel better.