New to Desinty or Starting a new toon? This thread is for you 10/4/14 - 10/5/14

New to Destiny? or Starting a new toon? I’m a L29 Warlock. I’m starting a new character on Friday 10/4/14 starting at about 8PM EST. and leveling up to 20 on the following day Saturday 10/5/14 at about 1PM.

I’m making another Warlock, so I can raid more; so I can get more equipment.

If you want to play thru the story, do bounties, and ‘power level’ to 20, please reply.
I have 2 slots open.
Fans of Joe Rogan podcast is a plus.


  1. Must be mellow as fuck.
  2. Either brand new character or between L3 - L6.
  3. PS4, I don’t have XboxOne yet… :frowning:

Damn, this sounds great, I’m a Joe Roganite as well, but probably will be getting my PS4 this coming week sometime. Still on PS3. :frowning: I’m sure I can find someone next weekend possibly. Have fun and good luck!

I’m going to make a total of 2 more characters. I’ll most likely be starting another alt next weekend also. I’ll hit you up @spectrum21 and see if we can sync up next week.

Yesterday I noticed that you were playing a new Warlock. I wondered why you were starting over.

I was actually considering a Warlock myself because I usually play the healer/support role in games and thought Sunsinger might better suit me. But punching people in the face is so much fun.

Just can’t decide.

I like Sunsinger, with Radiance you can throw 5-6 flameballs, which are great for blocking doors, or paths to re-route mobs.

There’s also that 3rd sub-class, that most people are speculating gets unlocked with the DLC.

I guess it comes down to how interesting an Arc Warlock or Solar Titan will be!

It’s not like leveling is hard in this game so I’ll probably try it out, if I can ever make an Awoken character that I like. Those guys just look bad. Maybe I’ll enjoy waving my hand at people more than punching faces.

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I’ve got a hunter, think he’s like lvl 5-6 but I guess you’re already passed me haha!

My Warlock is only 5. If you are on I’ll invite you.