New to site - so HELLO!


So I’ve just signed upto the site mainly because I will be joining ESO on June 9th (maybe earlier if I can get a new PC sooner). However I am also playing other games.

Im primarily Xbox One at the moment and I do have a Twitch stream both under HearingSword.

I am currently playing Minecraft (Im a bit rubbish) and I Assassin Creed. I will also be playing Neverwinter when it launchs on 31st March.

For any games that have geographical servers - I am EU/UK based.

Any questions let me know.


Welcome to the Dark side! good luck getting your PC!


Welcome to Strats!


Hi HearingSword welcome to Strats!


You picked a good time to join as next weekend is our 1st birthday weekend! Join us for the events we have planned for the weekend. join the twitch team


Welcome to the wonderful chaos


Yaaay! Another Assassin’s Creed player!

Welcome to Strats, @HearingSword. :smile: It’s great to have you here!


Welcome to Strats, HS! Don’t feel bad about being bad at Minecraft; I’m terrible too – that’s why I play Terraria and Starbound!

But, I’m sure the crew here would be glad to give you a crash course on the ins and outs of it.




Hello! Welcome to Strats! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard!